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         Project LEAL

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Before and After School Program



The Basics

What: Project LEAL is a before and after school recreational childcare program providing a safe, supervised extension of the school day.

Why: Recognizing the trends in our society for two parent employment and single parent families, Project LEAL provides a supervised and worthwhile alternative to being home alone.

Where: The program is offered at all four Elementary Schools and Linwood Middle School in the cafeteria.

When: The program is held during the school year from the first day of school in September until the last day of school in June. AM LEAL is from 7:00 am until the start of school day. PM LEAL is from the end of school day until 6:00 pm.

Who: Children in grades Kindergarten - 8th grade are eligible to participate in the Project LEAL program. Registration is limited.

AM LEAL is Available at all four Elementary Schools. Parents must escort children into the building and sign in no earlier than 7:00 am. Children have breakfast and are supervised through the beginning of the school day.

PM LEAL is from the close of school until 6:00 pm. Children walk to cafeteria, are given a snack and participate in various activities. Parents must come into the building to sign out their child/children no later than 6:00 pm

HOLIDAY LEAL is held during certain holidays when school is closed. The program takes place at Linwood from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm. Children must be escorted into the building and signed in no earlier than 7:00 am. The children participate in a variety of activities on site and will attend local trips. If enrollment is low the program will be cancelled.

ASSISTANCE is available through Catholic Charities. For more information call Catholic Charities at (732) 324-4357 ext 115 or DPRCS at 247-0922 ext 475.

CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES - Project LEAL activities are accessible to the disabled. If your child has special needs, please notify us via phone or in person prior to registering so we can better accommodate your family.

STAFF - Applicants must be 16 years of age. Applications are available at the DPRCS office.

Lou Ann Benson
710 Hermann Road
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(732) 247-0922, ext. 475/478
Dept. Staff