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2017 NBTPD Statistics

The tabulating has been completed, and the 2017 year end statistics are in. The following numbers represent some of what the North Brunswick Police Department did during the calendar year of 2017:

-The North Brunswick Police Department handled a total of 86,151 incidents, of which 25,830 were calls for service from the public.
-There were 2,036 motor vehicle crashes reported & investigated.
-We conducted 24,357 motor vehicle stops, which resulted in 31,296 summonses being issued.
-There were 1,592 arrests made during the year.
-Violent Crime stats are down by 23%, including Aggravated Assaults which are down by 34%.
-Residential and non-residential burglaries are both down from last year, by almost 30%
-Just as last year, robberies, assaults, burglaries, larcenies, motor vehicle thefts, and arsons are all reduced from their totals of ten years ago.

We look forward to 2018! Let's go, there's calls to go to...

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