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          Form of Municipal Government

The North Brunswick Township Governing body is the only Mayor /Council /Administrator form of local government in New Jersey. It was formed as a result of a Charter Study in 1982. As a variant of the Faulkner Act, the Mayor is directly elected by the voters and serves a term of four years. Council members are elected to serve three year terms. Council terms are staggered so that two Council seats are up for election each year.

Faulkner Act
(OMCL) Mayor-Council-Administrator
NJSA:40:69A-149 et. seq.

Mayor and 6 council members. At-large, staggered terms, partisan elections. Mayor: 4 year term. Council: 3 year term.

January 1

Presides over Council. Exercises the executive power of municipality. Votes only to break ties. Has veto subject to override by 2/3 of all Council members. Appoints municipal clerk, administrator, attorney, tax collector, tax assessor, treasurer, and department heads with Council approval. May remove department heads upon written notice to Council.

Exercises legislative power of the municipality. Approves Mayor's appointees for municipal clerk, administrator, attorney, tax collector, tax assessor, treasurer and department heads. May remove department heads for cause after a hearing. Prepares budget with assistance of municipal administrator and treasurer.

Mayor exercises executive power of the municipality. Up to six departments may be created by ordinance. Administrator supervises administration of each department.

Contact Information
710 Hermann Road
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(732) 247-0922