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Emergency Management

Office of Emergency Management statement on occasional gas odors throughout the Township

Earlier today, police received a call for a smell of gas at Linwood Middle School which caused a brief evacuation as a precaution. Within a short period of time, PSE&G gave the all clear for students to re-enter the school.

The source of the odor was not natural gas. It is believed the odor was from the Middlesex County Landfill in East Brunswick.

There have been several calls from residents in recent weeks to report a smell of gas in their neighborhoods. Upon testing, PSE&G did not detect natural gas in almost all of these cases.

The Middlesex County Utilities Authority has advised County residents that they may expect some unpleasant odors during the month of December as the Landfill completes planned capital improvements to its gas collection system. It is anticipated this will result in less odor concerns in the future.

For further information, please visit

Mark Cafferty
Emergency Management Coordinator
710 Hermann Road
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
732-247-0922, ext. 367