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Pedestrian Crossing

North Brunswick Township to participate in “HTS State Pedestrian Safety Enforcement and Education Fund Program 2017-2018”

Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack and Police Director Kenneth McCormick announce that the North Brunswick Township Police Department has received a $15,000 grant award from the New Jersey Department of Highway Traffic Safety (“NJDHTS”) to conduct pedestrian safety activities in 2017-2018. The purpose of this program is to educate the public about pedestrian safety, raising public awareness, and enforcement. There will be an effort to improve high-risk pedestrian intersections as much as possible with enhanced crosswalks markings and signage. Motorists who commit violations that put pedestrians at risk will be targeted for summonses. Pedestrians whose own actions put them at risk may also be issued summonses or warnings.

With this State award, North Brunswick Police Department will conduct crosswalk enforcement on various public roadways and shopping center parking lots. The main objective is to target heavily traveled roadways to promote the safe pedestrian message. Officers will be distributing informational pamphlets, and if necessary, citations at each location. According to Lieutenant McGinn of the Traffic Safety Bureau, “Officers will be observing these areas for not only drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks but also distracted or unsafe drivers that pose safety concerns to pedestrians. Officers will focus not only on heavily traveled roadways and intersections, but also on less traveled streets within the Township.”

North Brunswick Police Director Kenneth McCormick stated, “In addition to other safety campaigns, Pedestrian crosswalk safety education and enforcement will be conducted for the increased safety of our pedestrians, including the school aged children, and the crossing guards that assist with their safe passage to and from school." Township schools will be opening soon and we are asking for your assistance and cooperation in obeying all traffic laws specifically in and around the school zones and residential neighborhoods.

Thank you for your cooperation. Buckle Up and Drive Safe. North Brunswick Township Police Department.

Kenneth McCormick
710 Hermann Road
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
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