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NBC-New York’s 15-second long trailer, 6-minute long segment fails to tell the story of well-rounded officers, well balanced North Brunswick police department

What was to begin with a Sunday morning set-up about a New Jersey town’s challenges with accusations of police department racial profiling, targeting and quotas, and conclude Thursday night with hard hitting content ultimately missed the mark as the mayor and departmental leaders set the record straight.

“To say that racial profiling, unethical targeting – the practice of moving patrols to communities for purposes of intimidation, and ticket quotas – ‘write tickets or else’, doesn’t exist would be disingenuous. When you say it about North Brunswick, we are adamant that those reprehensible activities have never been a policy or acceptable practice of this administration or under the leadership of Public Safety Director Kenneth McCormick or Deputy Chief Joseph Battaglia” said Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack.

When allegations of profiling and the other racially motivated activities emerged October of 2019, the township was afforded the opportunity to initiate its own internal reviews – a demonstration of confidence in our capabilities and credibility. We subsequently sought a third-party investigator because we believe in transparency.”

‘NBC New York did reach out to the department,” says Captain Brian Hoiberg, a department spokesperson. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t respond at the time because one of the NBC subjects has pending litigation against the department. It is simply a matter of someone saying awfully bad things about awfully good people. We have to stand up for those good people.”

Mayor Womack went on to add “here are just a few examples of our transparency and operational innovations that protect both civilians and officers:

• Recorded consent searches that require the presence of a supervisor
• Use of body cams
• Laser video traffic enforcement that captures a vehicles speed at a distance where the officer cannot see the driver or passengers
• Diverted patrols which place officers in an area long enough to mitigate public safety hazards, e.g. high accident areas have visible patrols that alter drivers’ behavior

Most importantly, Mayor Womack emphasizes that anyone who feels they have been unfairly treated should report it immediately. “We dedicate resources to investigate every citizen complaint. If the initial investigation doesn’t yield satisfactory results, we direct citizens to the prosecutor’s office. At the end of the day, all anyone has is their reputation. Ours is impeccable.”


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