Township Council

The North Brunswick Township Council is composed of six Council Members elected at large. Council terms of office are three years and two Council seats are up for election each year. The primary responsibilities of the Council are to serve as the legislative body of the township, approve the annual budget presented by the Mayor, approve payment of bills and serve as liaisons to several Boards and Committees.

Council President Bob Corbin
732-247-0922 ext. 701
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Councilmember Bob Davis
732-247-0922 ext. 702
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Councilmember Cathy Nicola
732-247-0922 ext. 705
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Councilmember Carlo Socio
732-247-0922 ext. 704
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Councilmember Ralph Andrews
732-247-0922 ext. 706
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Councilmember Sylvester Paladino


Council Meetings
Council Meeting Agendas


710 Hermann Road • North Brunswick, NJ 08902 • 732-247-0922